Beyblade Beatdown

Get a grip, let it rip! Are you bad enough for the Beyblade Beatdown? Then enter our Beyblade Burst tournament. Not bad enough? You can still watch the beatdowns, as we’ll be projecting the matches onto the big screen. Entry fee is $5 with 70% of the pot going to 1st place and 30% going to 2nd. Regulations below. 

“Only one star in the sky can shine the brightest.” – Delta Zakuro 

Tournament Check-in Details 

  • Check-in begins at 8:00 PM. 
  • Check-in ends at 8:15 PM. We will begin the tournament shortly thereafter. 
  • See more details under “Need-to-Know Information” below.

Registration & Participant Limit Details 

  • This tournament has a maximum participant limit of 32 players. 
  • Once 32 players have registered, you will not be able to enter the tournament. 
  • Entry fee is $5 with 70% of the pot going to 1st place and 30% going to 2nd. 
  • No bey? No Prob. Don’t have any Beyblades from this series? No problem! We would be happy to lend a Beyblade and launcher to you to use for the duration of the event! 

Format Details 

  • The Format will be Burst Format Event. Only Burst Style Beyblades will be allowed to be entered in the tournament. 
  • Each player will be able to only enter one Beyblade for the tournament. 
  • The tournament will generally follow the World Beyblade Organization Official Rule Book.
  • Players will play through brackets to advance in the tournament. 
    • Elimination style will vary based on player number 
    • First Round 2 points will be needed to progress.
    • Semifinals and quarterfinals will require 3 points to progress.
    • Finals will require 5 points to win.
      • Conditions for winning a single round: 
      • Out-spinning the opposing Beyblade =1 point 
      • The opposing Beyblade exiting BeyStadium = 1 point 
      • Bursting your opponent = 2 Points

Need to Know Information

  1. Arrive On Time: You must arrive by the tournament start time to enter. We cannot add new players to an event once it begins. 
  2. Stay Aware of Your Belongings: We do everything possible to ensure a safe environment but can’t be held responsible for lost or stolen goods. Keep your gear close by! 
  3. The Tournament May Last At Least an Hour or Two: This event may last at least an hour or two hour. If you can’t commit to the entire tournament, you’re welcome to come watch. 
  4. Listen For Your Name To Be Called: Your name will be called when it’s time for your next battle. If you need to leave early or take a break, tell a judge. Missing a match could mean disqualification!
  5. Players Must Meet Regional Product Age Restrictions. All players in this event must meet the age restrictions on Beyblade products in their region. TAKARA-TOMY recommends Beyblade for ages 6+. Hasbro recommends Beyblade for ages 8+. Players