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My ambition to become a model started when I was around 17. My hobby of cosplay started off small, when I was 13, and has since grown to become a desire to make others smile while playing my favorite characters. With this in mind I’ve meet amazing photographers at each convention, and decided to share my experiences as well as personal image.

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Jennard Cosplays

Upstate NY Cosplayer, Contest Host & Big Neopets Fangirl!!!

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Plus size nonbinary cosplayer located in the south eastern part of Pennsylvania. Started cosplaying in 2012 shortly after turning 18 and has loved the hobby ever since. Uses platform for body positivity and that cosplay is for everyone. Enjoys making silly videos on tiktok.

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Stephanie Joy Cosplay

Cosplayer from Pittsburgh PA

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QMA Cosplays

I’m a 27 year old Virginia cosplayer. Started cosplaying in NY and have been a plus size cosplayer for 5 years.

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Trixal is a Philly based plus-size cosplayer who’s passion lies in prop building! They love various forms of media from gaming to anime and cosplay everything in between. They look forward to meeting like minded people, especially other cosplayers!

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Hiya I’m lilly aka Mystic ,I’m 20 ,my pronouns are they /them ,I’m most known for my Hiyoko Saionji cosplay ,love live and Danganronpa cosplays.I’ve been cosplaying for 3 years and I can’t wait to meet you all!

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Drunk Geoffrey

Sobriety and jobs are for squares.. Come party with me. BYOD

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