Saturday Masquerade Contest Rules & Entry

Colossalcon East 2023 Masquerade Rules and Guidelines

Please read the following info before filling out the form located at the bottom of this page!

All performance entries must follow the rules below. Disregarding these rules may result in disqualification and/or you could be asked to leave the convention. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. 


-Costumes and skits must be MAX PG-13. If it’s appropriate for a PG-13 movie, it’s appropriate for the competition, but please keep in mind that there will be children in the audience. If you are unsure whether your skit or audio are appropriate, please feel free to email the cosplay staff for feedback. If you are questioning the content, then perhaps it should not be in your skit.

The Cosplay Director and/or Assistant Director reserve the right to decline/disqualify your skit if the content is deemed inappropriate for the PG-13 rating. 


-You do not have to make your own costume to enter the Masquerade. Fanart costumes are also permitted in Performance. Cosplay is required, however. If your skit has original characters and/or non-cosplaying characters, they should make up the minority of characters in your skit. (Stagehands are considered part of your group but not considered for the “cosplay required” rule.) Costumes must meet the rules and guidelines of the convention. (Please see dress code) 


-The usage of weapons on stage is permitted as long as they follow the guidelines and are checked by con security. Stunt weapons, combat steel, etc are not permitted within the convention or in the masquerade. This also goes for the usage of prop firearms. 


NEW FOR 2023!

Video Backgrounds 

Contestants are now allowed to utilize our large screens for a video to help enhance their skits. This could be a video background or just a photo of a location to help bring the audience more into your performance. Please note that the contents of your video must also meet the PG-13 standards. 


If you would like to use this option, please link your audio and video together in one file. We will only be accepting the following formats: .MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI. 


If you are using the video background, please select such on your entry form. 


-Skit audio length is determined by how many people are in the skit. 

1-2 people: 2 Minutes

3-4 people: 2:30 Minutes

4+ people- 3 Minutes 


Skits cannot be longer than their set times. In addition to the performance time, you will be given time to enter and leave the stage. 


-Pre-recorded audio is required. If you would like live audio for a musical performance (IE: Singing or playing an instrument), the skit must be approved by our directors. MP3 FILES ONLY FOR JUST AUDIO.


One skit per person. We do not allow individuals to enter multiple skits. 


-Audio must be already edited for length and content. You will be required to submit your audio before the convention. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 


-No surprises! What you present to us during practice on Saturday morning is what we should see when you go on stage during the event. Any dangerous stunts, messy stage props, or anything that could hinder the performance experience for others will result in instant disqualification. 


-If it comes on stage with you, it must leave the stage with you. Nothing dangerous or messy. Throwing objects off the stage is prohibited. Reckless behavior resulting in falling off the stage, or breaking/damaging equipment (or nearly doing so) will result in disqualification. If you break stage equipment, you buy it. Extreme physical acts may need approval from the Cosplay Director at rehearsal to ensure safety.


Mandatory Performance Rehearsal


Rehearsal will take place on Saturday morning. A run-through will be given to all skit performances to allow the tech crew a chance to learn your cues and to allow cosplay staff to pre-screen your skit for content, subject matter, and length. If you miss rehearsal, you will be disqualified from the competition. Please plan your time accordingly as EVERYONE must be present at practice in the morning.  


We are so excited to welcome you to Colossalcon East! If you have any questions, please email us at Best of luck with all of your prep and submissions and we will see you at the convention! 


Masquerade Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q) I have never done a Masquerade before and I’m a bit nervous. What do I need to do? 
  1. The biggest thing we can tell you is to just relax and have fun. Our masquerade community at CCE is always incredibly supportive of each other. Practice, practice, practice! And if you still need to chat about your skit, please feel free to find one of our staffers during rehearsal. We will gladly talk to you about any concerns you may have! 


  1. Q) Why does my audio need to be pre-recorded?
  1. This is to help with time management and to ensure that the audio does not run over. It also allows us to ensure the quality of your audio.  


  1. Q) I have a photoshoot scheduled during practice. Can we skip ahead to go to our shoot? 
  1. The masquerade rehearsal is on Saturday Morning. We ask that you plan accordingly to schedule things like shoots afterward as we run practice in order to help figure out the run time. We ask that you have respect for your other constants while they work through their skits. Once you are finished and you pick up your stage badge, you are free to leave. 


  1. Q) We would like to use stage combat blades during our fight scene. 
  1. Stage combat swords are not permitted at the convention. Even if you are professionally trained, we ask that you follow our rules and use an alternative weapon. 


  1. Q) Our skit contains Martial Arts that I have been trained in since I was 2. Can we do some stunt work? 
  1. All intense levels of combat do need to be cleared by the Directors of Cosplay before being performed. If you can verify your training and can uphold the safety measures to insure that no one will be hurt, then we will gladly approve it. However, this can be subject to very intensive screening from our staff and video proof of safety may be requested. 


  1. Q) I am Master Level in performance and I am competing with Novices. What is our category? 
  1. Skits must be registered to match the highest-ranked contestant. If you are a Master and your partners are Novices, you must compete in the Master division. 


  1. Q) What are the stage dimensions? 
  1. Our stage size is 16×32 feet. Please plan your skits accordingly. 

The deadline for submissions is Saturday, August 26th by 11:59pm.

Saturday Masquerade Contest Form