In-Character Cosplay Info

Please read the following before filling out the form at the bottom of the page:

 The In-Character Cosplay Contest will be an event at Colossalcon East 2024 where a group of signed-up participants will compete to prove who is the most in-character cosplayer. This of this as a fun improv competition, like Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Through a series of rounds, we will eliminate competitors until only the top three are crowned! All contestants must have a badge! No exceptions!


People interested in participating in the contest will sign up before the convention and be given the task of preparing a 20-30 monologue that they will deliver on stage in the first round of the contest. It will be a first come first serve sign-up. If there are not enough participants or some people show up late/not at all, we can take on-site participants to fill up the numbers.

All characters and costumes are allowed but they should be something that does exist with content that anyone can find. Original characters are heavily discouraged. Variant/Alternate Universe characters (Ex. Emo “Character”, School Boy/Girl “So and So”) can be allowed but they will have to sell it to make it through the rounds.


Round 1:

In round one the players will be given a time set between 20-30 seconds to deliver a line, monologue, or action that is befitting to their character. If they exceed the limit they will be stopped and the next contestant will go up and deliver their piece.

Once all the competitors have gone, the judges will deliberate on their choices and eliminate 15 contestants.

Round 2:

For round 2, the judges will take turns giving each contestant a topic/subject in which they must act out for at least 45-90 seconds. Examples could include: Being lost in the jungle/city, having to take out the trash, flying an airplane, delivering an invigorating speech to warriors, seeing a beautiful woman, etc.

Once all the competitors have gone, the judges will deliberate on their choices and eliminate 15 contestants.

Round 3:

In the final round, the contestants will be given a random scene, generated at random from the pool of ideas submitted by the crowd (See set up), that they must act out as their characters that involves working together with a random audience member. Each contestant gets 60-135 seconds.

Once all the competitors have gone, the judges will deliberate on their choices and crown the top 3 contestants.

Sportsmanship In Cosplay Events

At numerous events across the country, displays of poor or unsportsmanlike behavior have been rampant. Like any competition, some will win, and others will not. At Colossalcon East, any and all displays of Poor Sportsmanship will not be tolerated. We ask that you show the proper behavior both backstage and in the audience if you are eliminated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My character curses up a storm. Am I allowed to drop the f-bomb or all these other words? 

This event is part of our family-friendly content block. Usage of overly explicit language will result in instant disqualification. 

Q: I competed with a certain character last year and have been practicing! I didn’t place with them, so can I re-enter with the same character? 

Yes. If you have not placed in previous years with this character, we welcome you to give it another go with your character of choice. 

Q: Can I have music/lighting for the first round? 

Currently, we do not offer music or lighting options for the In-Character event. 

Q) What are the stage dimensions? 

Our stage size is 16×32 feet. Please plan your performances accordingly.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, August 16th by 11:59pm.