Outdoor Events


12pm -2pm Tag on titan

2pm – 4pm suns out guns out volleyball

4pm – 6pm DODGEBALL!!!!!!!

6pm – 8pm Risk it for the brisket Ultimate Frisbee


12pm – 2pm Grand Sirs Cornhole Tournament

2pm – 4pm Tag on Titan Revenge of Levi

4pm – 6pm DODGEBALL!!!!

6pm – 7pm So fine Equine Horse shows

7pm – 8pm Orbital Bombardment Yard Pong

10pm – 12am Anime under the star (weather permitting)


12pm – 2pm School Festival games

2pm – 3pm Squishiest of Games

3pm – 4pm Ninja (Secret Tournament of the Shoe)

4pm – 6pm DODGEBALL!!!!!!

6pm – 7pm Parachute games (get to da Choppa)

7pm – 8pm If it glows to goes Open event

10pm – 12am Anime under the stars (weather permitting)


12pm – 2pm Sirs Grand Cornhole Tournament 2 I BEG YOUR PARDON

2pm – 4pm END OF LINE Freeplay event