DJ Amaya

Notorious American J-Pop/K-Pop Remixer, Composer, Skilled Instrumentalist, and Producer, DJ Amaya began making waves when he started introducing audiences to Japanese dance music at anime conventions across the USA, which led to him playing shows in Japan, Singapore, and Sweden as well. Along the way he released 4 full length albums of original music, collaborated with Japanese artists, and has been commissioned to produce tracks and remixes for artists around the globe.

2014 Amaya formed MINIKOMA☆ with popular J-Pop/K-Pop cover artist “Yabisi”, together the duo create original songs in Japanese that span many genre’s, and released their first full length album in Japan “EYES” in April 2016, and performed live to a packed crowd at Anime-Expo 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

July 2016 DJ Amaya contributed a remix for Re:animation’s Remix Compilation “Re:boots Legendary Anime Song Remixes” which features prominent bootleg remixers from the anisong community worldwide. Public Musume’s album “初恋とはなんぞや” features the track “おちんぎんちょうだい” with music produced by DJ Amaya. Furthermore, late July 2016 also will see the release of “Brilliant Connect” by ex-Rhymeberry member 信岡ひかる(Nobuoka Hikaru) which was composed/arranged By DJ Amaya in collaboration with 里本あすか (Pastel Pants).