Otaku Flea Market

Otaku Flea Market

Staff will begin signing in people at 9am, doors will open at 10am.. The flea market will run from 10am-5pm in the market room.

If you wish to sell at the Market, you need to check in with the market staff. They will be a table at the entrance to the room. Initially, you will be limited to half of a 6′ table (3’x2.5′). If at noon the other half of your table is empty, or there is an empty table elsewhere in the room, you may spread out to cover a whole table.

Per the request of the Kalahari, we cannot allow people to set up and sell in the hallways.

Per the request of the Kalahari, we cannot allow you to bring in boxes, totes, or carts of items through any of the glass doors. If you cannot bring your items in with bags (or from the hotel entrance), then we can have you bring your stuff in through the loading dock doors. Ask staff for assistance and info.

Permitted to sell:
Anime related merchandise
Manga & doujin
Video games and related merchandise
Yugioh cards
Cosplays and props
Comic Book and Sci Fi merchandise so long as its not more than 50% of your items for sale
Crafted items or art (either by you or someone else)

Not permitted:
Bootleg merchandise
Magic the Gathering
Raffles, games of chance, or soliciting donations

The above list may not be complete and staff reserves the right to ultimately allow or disallow an item. Because we have a dealer room with exhibitors who pay for space, we do not allow dealers of any kind to sell in the Otaku Flea Market. If we suspect you of being a dealer, you will be removed.