Avidd Minddset

Donte’ Lewis; better known as Avidd Minddset, is a DJ/Producer from Baltimore, Maryland. After listening to a DJ set from Otakon’s Otakurave in 2008, he wanted to become a music producer, as well as a DJ. He put together his first Dance/Electronic DJ mix in 2010 using a Digital Audio Workstation called MAGIX, and a laptop. Two years later he released his first single “Otakon” on Youtube after coming from said convention that same year. From 2014-2018 Lewis took college courses in Music Theory, Compression, Mixing, and Mastering. He released his debut EP entitled “Minddgames” in March of 2020, then followed up with two albums entitled “Primetime” and “Mental Vacation” during the Summer. In November of that year, he started learning how to DJ while taking several online masterclasses from pros during the pandemic. On July 1, 2023 Lewis created his own Entertainment Promotion centered around Cosplay, Anime, Music and Gaming known as BASSMODE: Nerdz Nite Out. He hosts and DJs seasonal events at small local 21+ barcades in Baltimore, Maryland with other local DJs. His goal for his promotion is to create positivity among the nerd community, while also having a platform for local and non-local electronic music DJs to showcase their skills.