Autograph Policy

In keeping with our current autographs system, autographs will be run on a by demand queueing system. All scheduled times will be broken down to 15 minute blocks and an “average” queue amount will be available per 15 minutes. (This “average” can flucuate or be different for each guest based on how fast their line is going.) By coming to the autographs desk and “reserving” your slot in one of these queues you no longer have to wait hours in line, just come back during your reserved time and now only wait 15 minutes! If come up during a scheduled signing time and no one is signed up in the queue, you can just walk up! Check out the autographs table for an updates on queueing or walkups.

Now we’ve added another way to sign up! Instead of waiting until the con to come to the desk, you can reserve your slot before hand. The same style of reservations as if at the con, but done while you’re still planning your days out for only a small fee. All guests will leave the last 30 minutes to their scheduled autographs for the day for any overflow or issues and cannot be booked/reserved. If you cannot make your time, please come to the autographs desk and they’ll be happy to help move you to a better suited time still available.


Pre-sign up Autograph slots will be available until Sept 3rd 11:59pm. All leftover slots will be available at the autographs desk at the convention!

**These tickets are for autographs only and are NOT admission to the convention.  Admission is required to participate in autograph sessions. You can purchase admission here: Colossalcon East Admission **
You can also find our Guest Autograph times on our web schedule so you can plan your awesome weekend!