Photographer passes will be available at the con in con ops. Please purchase when you arrive.

Anyone is welcome to take photos at the convention, but if you intend to charge people and cosplayers for photoshoots, then for their protection, we require you to purchase a photographer‘s pass.


What the photographer pass does not provide you:

*Does not get you “all access.” We are working to see if we can get all photographers front for the masquerade. Since too many in front of the stage can cause issues, the cosplay coordinators have the final say on who can be front.

*Does not grant you the power to remove attendees from a given area. Our attendees are generally nice people and if you simply ask them to clear the area for your photoshoot, they will likely comply, but you cannot force them to move.

-The photographer pass grants you 4-day badge access to the convention.

-Once you have paid for your pass, you may make 1 post in our face book group to advertise.

-Light stands are limited to one inside the Kalahari buildings and indoor water park, with a limit of a 42” reflector. Shoots in the outside areas are unrestricted. Clamp lights are permitted indoors if the clamp is non-marking and has rubberized grips.

-No inverter powered lights in the indoor or outdoor water parks.

-No battery packs in the water.

-Equipment is permitted in walkways and on sidewalks, but should immediately be moved if anyone wheelchair bound or on crutches should need to pass through.

-No lights or light stands in the pools or water. This equipment should be on the deck/ground surrounding the water.

-The Sands pool and area will be closed to the public on Friday but open to photographers and their subjects (for the purpose of photography). There will be signup sheets on clipboards to sign up for a time slot in the pool. Please be ready to shoot when your time slot begins or it will be released to any other waiting photographers.

-You will be sent an e-mail with payment instructions and other info soon after applying