Lindsay Seidel

Lindsay Seidel began her professional acting career at the age of 10 when she was hired to be the voice of textbooks used to teach Japanese children English. In the years since then, her voice has been heard on television, radio, video games, and over 100 anime shows with Funimation. Her work in voice over was recognized by Behind the Voice Actors, who named her “Voice Actress of the Year” in 2015. Lindsay is known for voicing a diverse range of anime characters in various shows, including My Hero Academia (Nejire), Assassination Classroom (Nagisa), Fairy Tail (Romeo and Angel), Tokyo Ghoul (Eto), Steins;Gate (Ruka), One Piece (Boa Sandersonia), and many more! She also voices characters in several popular video games,
including Smite (Neith) and Paladins (Cassie).