Iron Cosplay Contest

This year, Colossalcon East is bringing back one of our favorite events from years past: Iron Cosplay 2k21! This is a fast-paced, two hour long competition where teams of three will compete in creating a costume from scratch! However, there are no sewing machines, patterns, or plans. All they will get is a bag of fabric, a hot glue gun, and 60 minutes to create a cosplay. Think of it like Double Dare…but with crafting! 


But what is a competition without a bit of a twist. For this Iron Cosplay competition, every fifteen minutes, a staff member will enter with our “bag of mystery”, where the contestants will receive something that could help or hinder their progress. It could be anything, but as for what, that will remain a mystery!


What do you need to compete?

Yourself and two friends 

A creative and over the top imagination 

Ready to have tons of fun. 


Can’t find people to participate with but still want to join, sign up and we will assign you a team! 


When the time is up, our judges will crown our Colossalcon East 2k21 Iron Cosplay Champions!