• Guest Announcements: Erica Schroeder & Robert McCollum

    Erica Schroeder

    Erica Schroeder is one of New York’s premier animation voice actors, giving her voice to over 250 characters in the world of animation for television, film, and video games over the past 19 years. Erica voiced villainess, Ilvira, in the recent Netflix hit animated film Secret Magic Control Agency, ranked #1 in the world on Netflix in April of 2021 and #2 in the US. She also recently voiced Devos in Blizzard Entertainments acclaimed, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and is featured on Afterlives. She also currently voices Lloyd in funimation’s Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town, Cheese and Cat in Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese, Meatball in Nickelodeon’s 44 Cats, Wobbuffet, Eevee, Sylveon Goh’s Sobble and Goh’s Rotom Phone in Netflix’s Pokemon Journeys and Nurse Joy, Fantina, Bianca, Grace, Ditto, Teddiursa, Meloetta, Pidove, Panchum, Tapukoko, and 50+ more Pokemon in various regions in the last 19 years! In the YU-GI-OH series she voiced 10+ characters in 5 of the series, including such characters as: Mai Valentine, Akiza Izinski, Dark Magician Girl, Mana and Cathy Catherine. In addition, Erica is a Broadway/Stage actress and singer. She is also known for being active in the autistic community, promoting awareness and supporting her fans’ challenges and triumphs.

    Other notable roles include: Monkey D. Luffy in the Fox Box One Piece, Blaze the Cat and Wave the Swallow from the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise, Emma Frost in Joss Whedon’s Stop Motion Comic Astonishing X-Men, Faragonda, Icy the Witch, Piff, Daphne, Squonk, Critty and Kiko from Winx Club, Lyserg from Shaman King, Rai and Komorka from Tai Chi Chasers, Bridgette Verdant (Lettuce) from Mew Mew Power, Shiho from Ah! My Goddess, Scarlet Claw in Cutie Honey, Youshi in Giant Robo, The Spirit of the Mountain in The Boy who wanted to be a Bear (role shared with Sean Schemmel), The Witch in the Cannes Film Festival’s Little Long Nose and many more titles. Select newer roles and releases include: Number 24, Akudama Drive, Ride Your Wave, Veronica in funimation’s Arte, Anya Dostoyevsakya in, Aria the Avvenir, Kiyoko in Tokyo Godfathers Kelly Stownar, Dorothea and in Emma a Victorian Romance, FLCL3 (on Adult Swim!), Okko’s Inn, Your NameGundam Seed, and Gundam Destiny, Melissa Trail inYu-Gi-Oh Arc V, Akemi in Zetman, Yurika Yamagiwa in Psychic School Wars, Zarafa in Zarafa, Nagako Aoki in Mai Mai Miracle, Astoria Rapunzel on Nickelodeon’s (and Nick Jr.’s) fantastical Regal Academy. 

    Erica performed a song as the character of Elita in Signe Baumane’s new animated feature with Cameron Monaghan and Emma Kenney of Shameless and Matthew Modine of Stranger Things, coming out later in 2021 titled, My Love Affair with Marriage. She also recently starred as Betsy in the episode titled, Do The Voice and Captain Kilowatt in the episode titled Justice Battalion in the award winning podcast, The Truth, featured on such shows as All Things Considered and This American Life among others. Erica is currently working on Dan’s Green’s anticipated illustrated audiodrama, Crossing The Gods as Dominea along with 12 other projects/series/Video Games, some yet to premiere and some on various seasons of longer running shows.

    In addition to the PokemonSonic and One Piece video games she has worked on, Erica has also voiced characters in: Smite, Pathfinder, Contra, Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldWhite DayLittlest Pet ShopDungeon Hunter VJust Cause 3Super Smash Bros (and Ultimate)., Insecticide, and many more.

    As a theater and musical theater actress, Erica has also appeared on Broadway, Off- Broadway and regionally and sings on the original cast recordings of Jane Eyre, SHOUT! The Mod Musical and others! Erica has won a SALT award for My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding and an Outstanding Acting Performance Award in the 2014 Zed Film Festival for the television pilot, Zom-Com, playing opposite Dan Deluca and Sonic actor, Jason Griffith. Her favorite role by far is that of Mom to her two children.

    To see more about what Erica is doing and what she’s done to date..

    check out her fan page at : https://www.facebook.com/Erica-Schroeder-164914246916696/.

    Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/ericaschroedervoiceactress/

    And more roles at: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Erica-Schroeder/ 

    Robert McCollum

    Robert McCollum has been working in anime for over twenty years, voicing over 300 roles going all the way back to Teen Goten in DRAGONBALL GT. Recent notable work includes Reiner in ATTACK ON TITAN, Stain in My Hero Academia, Donquixote Doflamingo in ONE PIECE, Jellal in FAIRY TAIL, Julius The Wizard King in Black Clover, Kogami in PSYCHOPASS. Rob is also the voice of Axton in BORDERLANDS 2, and has done work for the games ORCS MUST DIE and BORTHERS IN ARMS: EARNED IN BLOOD. In addition to acting, McCollum is a father of two living in Dallas and working as a producer and director of corporate communication and commercials. Among his personal favorite anime roles are Sweden in HETALIA, Date Masamune in SENGOKU BASRA, Mifune in SOUL EATER, Kaze in KAZE NO STIGMA, and his first bad guy, Shinobu Sensui from YU YU HAKUSHO: GHOST FILES. (You always remember your first.)

  • Guest announcement: Frontier Pro Wrestling

    Colossalcon promo battles

    Ever wanted to be a pro wrestler for WWE/AEW/ROH/IMPACT and make your voice be heard by the MILLIONS!!!!!!! do you have the Mic skills to make an ordinary match into wrestlmanias main event with a game changing promo well bows your chance join FPW roster to learn how to cut a mean promo showcasing who you are and just how amazing you are your opponent? Other Colosalcon attendees have fun and give it your best rock promo to win the judges over as they give you a match type arena city and stipulation do you have what it takes to be crowned Colosalcons promo king/queen now is your chance to be heard.

    Create a entrance

    A pro wrestling superstars needs a few things but one of the flashier aspects of a wrestler is an amazing song and an amazing entrance let Frontier pro wrestling help you out with that tell us what your wrestling name is where your from. And let us make you a star as you pick your own entrance music as you come down to the ring and make it the entrance you’ve always wanted it to be or this is Colosalcon make an entrance as the cosplay your dressed as and show us what it would look like if ALL MIGHT were to enter the squared circle. Will you be the babyface other attendees and frontier pro wrestling roster cheer for or the heel we love to hate and boo while you show up and show out our judges will give a score on your performance and give you tips and pointers do you have what it takes to be the next Shawn Michaels showstopper.

    Frontier pro wrestling karaoke

    It’s exactly what it sounds like jam out with the FPW roster judges pick song enter the ring and sing your favorite tones on the road to stardom as we host this America got talent style tournament the crowds cheer and two out of three judges yes advance you into the tournament sign ups limited so sign up asap!

  • Colossalcon East Karaoke & Competition

    Unleash your inner superstar at the Colossal Con East Karaoke Contest! Sing your favorite anime, video game, or cartoon-theme song. While only one contestant will be crowned the grand superstar, other prizes and glory await! Shine on stage and captivate the audience, – sign up today!

  • Guest Announcement: Carlos Alazraqui

    Carlos Alazraqui is probably most often recognized as Deputy James Garcia on Comedy  Central’s hit show RENO 911! A standup comic for over 25 years, he is also one of LA’s top  voiceover actors as an ANNIE AWARD winner, with hundreds of credits to his name, including  his recent return as Rocko in Netflix’s reboot, ROCKO’S MODERN LIFE: STATIC CLING, and  his recurring character Bane in the BATMAN vs, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA  TURTLES animated feature. As the original voice for SPYRO THE DRAGON the beloved video  game series for Sony Playstation, Carlos is also globally recognized for his voice as The Taco  Bell Chihuahua for the 1990s TACO BELL ad campaign. Other notable characters include Mr.  Crocker on Nickelodeon’s long running series FAIRLY ODD PARENTS, Lazlo on Cartoon  Network’s CAMP LAZLOScooter the surfer fish dude along with Nobby and Harvey in SPONGEBOB  SQUAREPANTSDue and Tho the Waterbenders from AVATAR: THE LAST  AIRBENDER, and Carlos Casagrande in Nickelodeon’s THE CASAGRANDES. His role  as Anton Trese in the Phillippine anime-influenced series TRESE has received much praise, as  well as his recent role voicing Zobo in the adult animated series FARZAR, quickly becoming a  fan favorite. 

    Carlos also successfully released his own feature-length live-action horror/comedy  movie, WITNESS INFECTION as co-writer, producer, and on-screen role of Mr. Serrelli.

    In his free time, Carlos is an avid tennis player and sports enthusiast, and currently resides in Los  Angeles with his wife and two daughters! Check out Carlos  at CarlosAlazraqui.com, @CarlosAlazraqui on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok  or @CarlosAlazraquiOfficial on Facebook for a listing of his live appearances and shows.

  • Guest Announcement: ZOA

    Welcome to the world of ZOA. Next Era of live EDM. Enjoy the music and the story.

    Music producer ZOA creates a new environment for those who love Anime and Electronic Dance music. ZOA DJs on stage with his guitar & Drums while his A.I (Vivius) talks and performs stunning visuals virtually. Focusing on a new dance music style of Mid-Tempo and Color Bass, ZOA is captivating a strong and fast growing audience in Electronic music. ZOA is known around the nation for playing headlining slots of Anime Central, AMKE & many others. During the Spring of 2022, widely known artist Seven Lions played his track “I Love Color” at Ultra Music Festival in Orlando Florida. This was a massive break through in ZOA’s journey, and shortly after started quickly getting national recognition. Seven Lions would continue to play his song across the nation including at EDC, Red Rocks, Beyond Wonderland and many more. Months later ZOA got his track “We’re Dreaming” signed on with Ophelia Records, one of the biggest EDM labels in the country. His track has gained tremendous traction, and continues to grow daily thanks to the massive support of his fans.

  • Guest Announcement: Caleb Hyles

    Caleb first made waves when he released his cover of “Let It Go” on YouTube in 2014. Millions of homes around the world were enchanted by his riveting and theatrical covers of Disney, Broadway, Anime, and pop-rock hits. YouTube allowed for Caleb’s vast talents and warm, infectious personality to shine through with every cover, and fans quickly fell in love.

    Over the years of pouring himself into his work and creating exciting, diverse content for his fans, Caleb has amassed a close-knit fanbase consisting of 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 1 million monthly Spotify listeners. Fans eagerly seek out Caleb’s larger-than-life voice taking on their favorite songs and breathing new life in them. And fans aren’t the only ones to take notice of Caleb’s massive talents. Television shows and video series like “RWBY” and “Nintendo Minute” have called on Caleb to sing for them.

    With momentum at an all time high, Caleb is looking to embark on the next step of his journey. Sharing more of himself than ever before, January 2022 saw the release of his first original works with his album, In One Breath. Don’t miss your chance to embark on this new adventure with him.

  • Meal Vouchers

    Meal Vouchers

    Meal vouchers are available for purchase in advance for 2023! You can pickup your vouchers at admissions at the same time that you pickup your pass. Vouchers can be purchased on eventbrite(scroll down on the tickets page) Choose from the following Vouchers:

    Great Karoo Breakfast Buffet Voucher: $33

    Full Breakfast Buffet located in the Hotel Lobby. Hours are 7:30am – Noon Daily.

    Cafe Mirage 1 Breakfast & 1 Lunch Voucher: $30

    Choose 1 entrée and 1 beverage from the menu below per voucher for breakfast and lunch

    Cafe Mirage 2 Breakfast & 2 Lunch Vouchers: $58

    Choose 1 entrée and 1 beverage from the menu per voucher below for breakfast and lunch