Dance Lineup


One of the few DJs that specialize in Japanese music in North America is dj speedycake with his stunning blend of global styles of Happy Hardcore. Seasoned in the unique sound of Japanese Hardcore fresh from the Tokyo underground and combining it with the captivating elements of Otaku culture, dj speedycake brings crowds a unique taste of an old style. Merging the happy melodies of old school rave music with the global craze of Anime, dj speedycake blows away crowds with high adrenaline versions of the crowd’s favorite Japanese and Anime songs. Rising into popularity from his work on Swedish pop song Caramelldansen, dj speedycake has defined a new type of internet sensation of high speed music and Anime dances with several CDs on Exit Tunes and thousands of videos made by fans on Nicovideo and Youtube with millions of views.

DJ Haji

Haji is a local DJ from Cleveland specialized in mixing primarily Drum and Bass. Starting with an interest in electronic music 2012, he became quickly immersed in the fast paced music of Drum and Bass. Since then, Haji’s goal is to bring hard fast paced sets to all types of crowds, whether they are anime convention attendees or fans of electronic music and club goers. With a healthy dose of Neurofunk, Jump Up, and Breakbeat, Haji is the embodiment of phrase “The only way to win is by going fast”


Shimotsukei is a multi-genre DJ and producer based out of Arlington, TX.
She began DJing shortly after becoming involved with the Lucky Lotus Online Electronic Music Festival organized by DJ COSMiXXX.

Together with DJ COSMiXXX, she’s run the Lucky Lotus Online Festival with great success, featuring many artists and DJs from all over the world, both big and small, representing a myriad of different styles. In 2014 she branched off from the Online Festival to start a net label under the Lucky Lotus name. She has since released 3 CDs in Japan at events such as Comiket and M3 featuring tracks of her own along with many of her biggest influences. In 2018 she made her live debut at Anime Expo, closing out the AX Dance with an over the top set that exceeded all expectations.

As a DJ her style is greatly varied, playing countless different genres and styles with a special focus on freeform, funkot, J-Core, and artcore. She loves to surprise her audience while creating a fun, emotional, and memorable atmosphere that keeps people wanting more. While her productions flirt the boundaries between gritty darkness and uplifting vibrance that toy with your emotions.