Wig Styling Contest

What is the event? A live wig styling competition. 5 Entrants will be chosen from all applicants. They will then receive the information on which wig they would be styling at the convention, so they may plan their masterpiece! At convention contestants will receive 15 minutes prior to the competition to look over their wig. Then 3 hours follow of pure wig styling insanity! Thats when the curlers fly and hair spray is everywhere! Winners will be determined by a panel of expert judges. Each contestant will have a camera on them and projected to a rotating live screen so the audience can see what is going on without disturbing the sculptor.

Think you have talent in wig styling? Registration is live now!!
Entrants will submit their portfolios/pictures of their work for approval, (website links, imgur or similar photosharing site links are preferred) please have them prepared for submission.

What are the prizes? Grand Prize is 500$ in gift certificates Epic Cosplay Wigs!

When will the event be held? TBA

Each contestant will be provided with the same wig and have three hours to transform it into what they have planned. The color, natural cut, and other details of the base wig are a secret until contestants are selected upon their portfolio review. So going in with a plan is a must!

Anything you want to add may be put into the wig but must provided by the contestant. This includes but is not limited to wefts, foam core, extensions, LEDs, wire, lace, accessories(bows/headbands), ect.

Contestants must bring their own styling tools. This includes, but is not limited to combs, brushes, irons, hair spray, blow dryers, ect.

Colossalcon will provide each contestant 1 Wig, 1 Wig Clamp, 1 Styrofoam Wig Head Head(you may bring a canvas wig head if you have one). You may also bring your own clamp or wig blocks if you have a preference.

We encourage you to bring a model (not yourself) for final looks and final judging. We need to see what the wig looks like on a person. If you cannot provide one, Colossalcon will provide a volunteer for you. Costumes/makeup for your model are encouraged! (but not necessary)

Wig Styling can take a long time, following that we have a three hour block for this event.

Judges will grade each wig on three points:

  • Complexity 10 points
    The more work you put into the wig giving it outstanding qualities the better. Hair Spikes, Spirals, pompadours, you name it. The more complex your wig is the higher the points here.
  • Creativity 10 points
    How unique and inspired your design is, incorporating elements that were possible within the time frame, while still being completely astounding.
  • Cleanliness: 10 points
    Exhibiting the knowledge of how to treat a wig and it showing in your work. This how clean your edges are. Are gaps showing? Can we see wefting? Does the model’s natural hairline look covered? Is glue or frizz visible?

Do you think you can Ace the contest and come out with a perfect 30!?

All styling work must be done by the contestant.

This event will be Live Streamed on twitch.com

To watch a previous year’s twitch broadcast at Colossalcon visit: Youtube