• After Hours Waterpark

    Looking to experience Colossalcon East beyond the panel rooms? Exclusively for Colossalcon East attendees, we are offering an opportunity to enjoy the water park after-hours!

    At the After Hours Waterpark Event you get access to the waterpark from 10:30pm-2:30am each night where you can cosplay, take photos, enjoy the restaurant and bar, and most indoor attractions that the waterpark has to offer!

    You can now buy your after hours admission in advance by clicking the link below! (Click buy tickets and select the after hours waterpark wristband option)

  • Guest Announcement: Emi Lo

    Emi Lo is a Taiwanese/Chinese-American voice actor and director. They are most well known for voicing Lucy in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Rena in Higurashi When They Cry, Rinku in D4DJ, Suma in Demon Slayer, Columbina/Damselette in Genshin Impact, Uta in Bubble, Hei in The Legend of Hei, Destiny in takt op. Destiny, Shuten Douji in Fate/Grand Order, Kate in Shadows House, Mirai in Dr. Stone, and Evelyn in Pokemon Masters EX, but can be heard in countless other anime and video games.

    When Emi is not acting, they can be found playing piano, playing video games, cosplaying, modeling, singing, eating, or exploring natural and man-made ruins. They also have an absolutely precious but spoiled Siberian cat named Noctis that has never done anything wrong and is incredibly cute and fluffy.

    Visit their Twitter (@kitsunesqueak) for updates and pictures of their fluffy child.

  • Guest Announcement: Jonah Scott

    Jonah Scott is a Voice Actor, Singer and Twitch Streamer from Los Angeles. Jonah has provided his ‘Leading Man’ voice to many video games and serials including Netflix’s BEASTARS, Dying Light 2, Attack on Titan, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and more. Not just an accomplished actor, he is a classically trained singer with over 15 years of instruction across all disciplines. When he’s not behind the mic, he is streaming content to his large Twitch community, watching anime or playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends.

  • Guest Announcement: Michelle Rojas

    Michelle Rojas is a Korean-American voice actor based in Dallas, TX, known for their work in anime and videogames for companies such as Crunchyroll, Bang Zoom!, Shout! Factory, Eleven Arts, Gearbox, and more.

    They are best known for their roles as Yamato in One Piece, Hae-In Cha in Solo Leveling, and Tohka in Date A Live. Other lead and fan-favorite roles include Beros in My Hero Academia, Francois in Dr. STONE, the Yin Tensen in Hell’s Paradise, Kiyomi in Attack on Titan, Ewen in Spy x Family, Roxy in Mushoku Tensei, Shion in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Momoe in Wonder Egg Priority, Mion and Shion in Higurashi: Gou, CZ Delta in Overlord, Boogiepop in Boogiepop and Others, Nashiro in Tokyo Ghoul, Seilah in Fairy Tail, Toka in Assassination Classroom, Naria in The Vision of Escaflowne, Sonomi in Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card and many more!

    You can follow Michelle on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Tiktok @LittleRamyun.

  • Guest Announcement: Corina Boettger

    Corina Boettger is a Non-binary professional actor for over 20 years starting as a child in theater/on-camera and now working in the voice over world. They can be heard has Paimon in Genshin Impact, Tornado in One Punch Man, Naphula in Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun, Mizuki in Ai: The Somnium Files, Sailor Tin Nyanko in Sailor Moon, Somali in Somali and the Forest Spirit, Marshtato Mary in DreamWorks’ Trollstopia and much more. You may also recognize their face as they have guest starred and co-starred on shows like My Name is Earl, Glee, Shameless, Desperate Housewives and more. They are an advocate for health care as Corina has Crohn’s disease & Autism and wants to be an advocate for others who are similar that want to become a part of the industry.

  • Guest Announcement: Karen Strassman

    Karen Strassman is an Actress, VO Artist, VO Director and Dialect Coach. She has created over a thousand voice-over characters of all shapes, sizes, genders, ages, and species, from classic Disney princesses, to iconic villainesses, from withered old ladies to teenage boys and realistic little girls, to talking jellyfish and shy tadpoles.

    Some of Karen’s VO credits include: Sonic (Rouge the Bat), Bleach (Soi Fon, Momo), Mortal Kombat (Kitana, Mileena), Persona (Aigis, Nanako), Fire Emblem (Anna, Olivia, Hana), Code Geass (Kallen Stadtfeld), Monster High, Ever After High, League of Legends (Casseopeia, Fiora, Shyvana, Zyra & Elise), World of WarCraft (Vanessa VanCleef, Chromie), Resident Evil 1 & 2 (Alexia, Dr. Annette Birkin), Hunter X Hunter, Kill La Kill, Street Fighter X Tekken (Poison), Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Shantae, DC Super Hero Girls, Hellsing Ultimate (Heinkel Wolfe), WINX Club, Rugrats All Growed Up, The Loud House, LEGO Friends, LEGO Dimensions, StarCraft 2 (Izsha), Fallout 4 (Overseer Barstow), Fallout: New Vegas (Beatrix), Heroes of the Storm (Chromie), Zero Escape (Phi), Dead or Alive (Helena), Diablo, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Silent Hill, Halo Wars 2, Wolfenstein II (Maria Laurent), Lucky Star, Rozen Maiden, Valkyria, Monster Hunter, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Monster, Hearthstone, Silent Hill, Call of Duty, 3Below: Tales of Arcadia, OK K.O.!, Madoka Magica, Subway Surfers, Castlevania, K-ON!, Ghost in The Shell, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and many, many more.

    Some of Karen’s on-camera credits include: Mayans M.C., The Rookie, CSI: Vegas, Preacher, Bosch, Creepshow, The Onania Club, Penny Dreadful, Homecoming, Silicon Valley, S.W.A.T., Weeds, Criminal Minds, Workaholics, Ingress, Private Practice, I’m Sorry, I Spit on Your Grave, The Onania Club, … to name a few.
    Complete credit list on IMDB and www.KarenStrassman.com

  • Event Update: Itasha Car Display

    Colossalcon is thrilled to announce the arrival of Itasha Cars for a showcase throughout the weekend.

    “Itasha” literally means “painful car” in Japanese, but there’s nothing painful about these eye-catching rides! Itasha cars are decked out in vibrant and stunning designs featuring their owner’s favorite anime characters and scenes. It’s an artful celebration of our shared love for anime and manga.

    Come enjoy the creativity and passion of Itasha enthusiasts as they proudly display their personalized rides for the entire convention. From iconic characters to breathtaking scenes, these cars are a moving canvas of anime culture.

    Don’t miss your chance to snap pics with these dazzling cars and share your favorites on social media!

  • Guest Announcement: Kellen Goff

    Kellen Goff is a Los Angeles-based, American voice actor known for a variety of roles spanning video games, animation and commercials. His most notable roles include Funtime Freddy, Glamrock Freddy, Sun, and Moon in Five Nights at Freddy’s (as well as Foxyin the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie), Kai Chisaki / Overhaul in My Hero Academia, Fiddlesticks in League of Legends, Diavolo in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Sasaki in Sasaki and Miyano, and Porco Galliard in Attack on Titan.

    When he’s not voice acting, Goff works on and contributes to passion projects with The Ink Tank on YouTube. At this time, his main focus is casting and editing audio for “5 Years Later”, a currently-airing motion comic series created by Rob Orpilla.

  • Panelist Guest Announcement: StripperVash

    StripperVash (or Zach) has been hosting events at conventions across the country for nearly fifteen years and is excited to be returning to Colossalcon East as the lovable Host we’ve always known. Originating from the midwest, Zach has competed in masquerades, focusing primarily on skits and performance categories before transitioning into full-time hosting duties. They used to cosplay, and now they sorta don’t, but they’ll make sure that any event they host is a great time!