• Cosnanigans Variety Hour

    Join La Vie Cosplay, in a curated cosplay variety show. Be dazzled by an array of cosplay performers showing off their work in drag, dance, comedy, spoken word, flow, acting, musical theater, singing and more. An enjoyable experience for all. Come play with us! Rated PG-13

  • Guest Announcement: La Vie Cosplay

    La Vie Cosplay is a multi-talented duo focused on entertainment and education. Since 2013, Elle and Ash have been honing their crafting and performance abilities to bring entertainment to conventions around the country. LVC has appeared both nationally and internationally in numerous competitions winning multiple best in shows and the title of US representative for ICL 2022. LVC provides a wide range of programming for conventions including hosting, performances, panels, variety shows, Bardnanigans: choose your own adventure, and their stand up comedy show Sh*t Cosplayers Say. They have been seen performing at shows such as C2E2, Colossalcon North, Anime Milwaukee, and more. The duo is best known as the hosts for Shenanigans Cosplayers Say, a comedy cosplay podcast covering their neurodivergent adventures in con-going and creating. The podcast covers subjects such as mental health, competitions, and convention chaos. LVC’s mission is to support the new generation, not take themselves too seriously, and put the “play” back in cosplay.

  • Performance Guest Announcement: ZOA

    Welcome to the world of ZOA. Next Era of live EDM. Enjoy the music and the story.

    Music producer ZOA creates a new environment for those who love Anime and Electronic Dance music. ZOA DJs on stage with his guitar & Drums while his A.I (Vivius) talks and performs stunning visuals virtually. Focusing on a new dance music style of Mid-Tempo and Color Bass, ZOA is captivating a strong and fast growing audience in Electronic music. ZOA is known around the nation for playing headlining slots of Anime Central, AMKE & many others. During the Spring of 2022, widely known artist Seven Lions played his track “I Love Color” at Ultra Music Festival in Orlando Florida. This was a massive break through in ZOA’s journey, and shortly after started quickly getting national recognition. Seven Lions would continue to play his song across the nation including at EDC, Red Rocks, Beyond Wonderland and many more. Months later ZOA got his track “We’re Dreaming” signed on with Ophelia Records, one of the biggest EDM labels in the country. His track has gained tremendous traction, and continues to grow daily thanks to the massive support of his fans.

  • Performance Guest Announcement: DJ Amaya

    Notorious American J-Pop/K-Pop Remixer, Composer, Skilled Instrumentalist, and Producer, DJ Amaya began making waves when he started introducing audiences to Japanese dance music at anime conventions across the USA, which led to him playing shows in Japan, Singapore, and Sweden as well. Along the way he released 4 full length albums of original music, collaborated with Japanese artists, and has been commissioned to produce tracks and remixes for artists around the globe.

    2014 Amaya formed MINIKOMA☆ with popular J-Pop/K-Pop cover artist “Yabisi”, together the duo create original songs in Japanese that span many genre’s, and released their first full length album in Japan “EYES” in April 2016, and performed live to a packed crowd at Anime-Expo 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

    July 2016 DJ Amaya contributed a remix for Re:animation’s Remix Compilation “Re:boots Legendary Anime Song Remixes” which features prominent bootleg remixers from the anisong community worldwide. Public Musume’s album “初恋とはなんぞや” features the track “おちんぎんちょうだい” with music produced by DJ Amaya. Furthermore, late July 2016 also will see the release of “Brilliant Connect” by ex-Rhymeberry member 信岡ひかる(Nobuoka Hikaru) which was composed/arranged By DJ Amaya in collaboration with 里本あすか (Pastel Pants).

  • Guest Announcement: Landon McDonald

    Landon McDonald is a professional voice actor best known for playing the villainous dream demon Enmu in the record-breaking blockbuster DEMON SLAYER: KIMETSU NO YAIBA: MUGEN TRAIN, the maniacal mangaka Rohan Kishibe in the acclaimed JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE spin-off series THUS SPOKE KISHIBE ROHAN, the snack-happy super sleuth Ranpo Edogawa in BUNGO STRAY DOGS and the brooding, blood-bending sorcerer Noritoshi Kamo in JUJUTSU KAISEN.

  • Guest Update: Lindsay Seidel

    We regret to announce that Lindsay Seidel has had to cancel her appearance at Colossalcon East 2024 due to personal commitments. We wish Lindsay the best and hope to work with her in the future.

  • After Hours Waterpark

    Looking to experience Colossalcon East beyond the panel rooms? Exclusively for Colossalcon East attendees, we are offering an opportunity to enjoy the water park after-hours!

    At the After Hours Waterpark Event you get access to the waterpark from 10:30pm-2:30am each night where you can cosplay, take photos, enjoy the restaurant and bar, and most indoor attractions that the waterpark has to offer!

    You can now buy your after hours admission in advance by clicking the link below! (Click buy tickets and select the after hours waterpark wristband option)

  • Guest Announcement: Emi Lo

    Emi Lo is a Taiwanese/Chinese-American voice actor and director. They are most well known for voicing Lucy in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Rena in Higurashi When They Cry, Rinku in D4DJ, Suma in Demon Slayer, Columbina/Damselette in Genshin Impact, Uta in Bubble, Hei in The Legend of Hei, Destiny in takt op. Destiny, Shuten Douji in Fate/Grand Order, Kate in Shadows House, Mirai in Dr. Stone, and Evelyn in Pokemon Masters EX, but can be heard in countless other anime and video games.

    When Emi is not acting, they can be found playing piano, playing video games, cosplaying, modeling, singing, eating, or exploring natural and man-made ruins. They also have an absolutely precious but spoiled Siberian cat named Noctis that has never done anything wrong and is incredibly cute and fluffy.

    Visit their Twitter (@kitsunesqueak) for updates and pictures of their fluffy child.

  • Guest Announcement: Jonah Scott

    Jonah Scott is a Voice Actor, Singer and Twitch Streamer from Los Angeles. Jonah has provided his ‘Leading Man’ voice to many video games and serials including Netflix’s BEASTARS, Dying Light 2, Attack on Titan, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and more. Not just an accomplished actor, he is a classically trained singer with over 15 years of instruction across all disciplines. When he’s not behind the mic, he is streaming content to his large Twitch community, watching anime or playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends.