Guest announcement: Frontier Pro Wrestling

Colossalcon promo battles

Ever wanted to be a pro wrestler for WWE/AEW/ROH/IMPACT and make your voice be heard by the MILLIONS!!!!!!! do you have the Mic skills to make an ordinary match into wrestlmanias main event with a game changing promo well bows your chance join FPW roster to learn how to cut a mean promo showcasing who you are and just how amazing you are your opponent? Other Colosalcon attendees have fun and give it your best rock promo to win the judges over as they give you a match type arena city and stipulation do you have what it takes to be crowned Colosalcons promo king/queen now is your chance to be heard.

Create a entrance

A pro wrestling superstars needs a few things but one of the flashier aspects of a wrestler is an amazing song and an amazing entrance let Frontier pro wrestling help you out with that tell us what your wrestling name is where your from. And let us make you a star as you pick your own entrance music as you come down to the ring and make it the entrance you’ve always wanted it to be or this is Colosalcon make an entrance as the cosplay your dressed as and show us what it would look like if ALL MIGHT were to enter the squared circle. Will you be the babyface other attendees and frontier pro wrestling roster cheer for or the heel we love to hate and boo while you show up and show out our judges will give a score on your performance and give you tips and pointers do you have what it takes to be the next Shawn Michaels showstopper.

Frontier pro wrestling karaoke

It’s exactly what it sounds like jam out with the FPW roster judges pick song enter the ring and sing your favorite tones on the road to stardom as we host this America got talent style tournament the crowds cheer and two out of three judges yes advance you into the tournament sign ups limited so sign up asap!